What To Know About 3-A Standards

Posted on June 15, 2021 by xtxwebmaster

3-A Standards are the benchmark for keeping your business sanitary. In particular, 3-A Standards apply to government organizations, equipment manufacturers, and various other companies. If you manufacture equipment or serve food, you need to adhere to these standards. They are stringent sanitary standards for keeping your operations safe.

3-A is a nonprofit organization that has set the gold standard for cleanliness. In today’s age, keeping your business clean is more important than ever. Stay up to the standard—here’s what to know about 3-A Standards.

A Breakdown of 3-A SSI

3-A Sanitary Standards Inc. (SSI) is a nonprofit organization. They set hygienic standards for the design, implementation, and function of:

  • Food manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Government organizations
  • Equipment manufacturers

The standards are in line with promoting public safety and health. The 3-A name is synonymous with excellence in cleanliness and safety. If you see that a company is 3-A certified, you can rest assured that they follow the standards closely.

The organization has been around for decades now, and they’ve been highly influential during that time. They also work with government organizations such as the USDA and FDA. They assist these companies in approving health and safety standards for food and medicine. As you can see, 3-A is an incredibly influential presence in the health and safety of the United States.

The 3-A Certification Program

3-A features a certification that they award to companies that follow their standards. In order to receive a certificate from 3-A, you need to undergo a third-party evaluation to make sure you’re in compliance with all 70 standards.

Once 3-A receives the report that you meet all standards, they will finalize the certification. Getting your company 3-A certified is imperative to your success—it will let everyone know that you take your customers’ safety very seriously. They’ll also trust your product more, which will help you attract more business.

3-A for Equipment Manufacturers

There are stringent guidelines on how to manufacture products. That’s especially true when it comes to equipment manufacturers. 3-A has some very specific guidelines for the manufacturing of equipment. Instead of a set formula that companies must follow, the standards provide examples of what not to do. The items they recommend avoiding include things they’ve found to be unsanitary. As long as you don’t practice any of these unsanitary processes, you’ll pass with flying colors.

So, there’s what to know about 3-A Standards. Here at Cedarstone Industry, we’re proudly 3-A certified. You can rely on us to supply you with stainless steel process equipment that follows industry standards. Explore our offerings now!