The Benefits of Using IBC Totes

Posted on June 23, 2021 by xtxwebmaster

When it comes to manufacturing and production, little attention is often paid to how we store and keep our products. But when you work in an industry where the way a product is stored determines whether the product remains good and healthy for customers, storage becomes an essential consideration. And for those who want the greatest value for their purchase, it pays to consider the benefits of using IBC totes.


Materials Stored

There are at least ten different classes of IBC totes made of everything from plastic to multiwall. This gives companies a greater variety of different materials they can store. This is especially true when companies use stainless steel food-grade IBC totes, which are capable of storing food, pharmaceuticals, and flammable or hazardous materials.


Having quality storage is valuable in and of itself. But storage materials are of even greater value when they can perform other functions. This is true of IBC totes. Because stainless steel totes have tightly locking tops, they can be used for beer fermentation by companies in the brewing industry. They can also be fitted with attachments that can turn them into mixing vessels.

Ideal for Shipping

Much can happen to a product when it is being shipped from point A to point B, and proper storage is the first line of defense when it comes to keeping items safe. Fortunately, IBC totes are ideal for shipping. Along with being sturdy, their cube shape makes it simple to pack them into freights tightly, so they will not move around and crash into each other.


One of the greatest benefits of using IBC totes is their cost-efficacy which makes them accessible for smaller companies or businesses that are just starting out. Their large carrying capacity and square shape allow companies to store more material in less space. Additionally, their versatility allows them to be used in lieu of more expensive equipment, like fermenters and mixing tanks.

As a manufacturer, you know that all parts of production are important, including storage. At Cedarstone Industry, we help equip your company with stainless steel storage solutions for your products.