Will New York Eventually License CBD Extraction?

Posted on July 25, 2022 by xtxwebmaster


As a major U.S. market for hemp and CBD, New York has an interest in making sure all CBD products sold in the state are safe and properly labeled. To that end, state lawmakers have already approved legislation regulating everything from processing to manufacturing and labeling. Will the state go one step further and eventually license CBD extraction? It is possible.


Operators were given six months to comply with the new rules developed last fall. However, reports out of the Empire State seem to indicate that enforcement still hasn’t begun. In theory, this allows processors, manufacturers, and retailers to sell CBD products that might not be as advertised.


Scott Mazza, the COO of a Buffalo, NY CBD company, wrote in a recent post for NYup.com that “wily operators and sub-par products are unfortunately common denominators in CBD.” He went on to cite a recently released study that shows just how many retail CBD products do not match what their labels claim.


Licensing Extraction


It is no secret that the CBD industry has a labeling problem. We have known that for a while. But what does that have to do with CBD extraction? Quite a lot, actually. The whole point of licensing extractors is to make sure they are doing things by the book. It is to make sure they are not delivering low-quality, impure, and possibly unsafe extracts.


CBD extraction is a complicated process. It can involve certain chemicals and solvents that people really should not be ingesting. And of course, extractors are dealing with the plant material that may have been subjected to any number of chemicals prior to being harvested.


Licensing is a safety issue first. This isn’t to say that CedarStoneIndustry is for or against it one way or the other. We are simply stating the facts. Regulators that choose to require licensing are simply exercising their authority to maintain industry safety.


Quality is the other issue. Right now, CBD is largely unregulated. By licensing extractors, manufacturers, and testers, the goal is to require them to adhere to at least some quality standards. Those standards already include proper testing and labeling. If NY adds licensing to the mix, companies will be further compelled to comply with the testing and labeling regulations for fear of losing their licenses.


Do Right by the Public


As a company that supplies CBD extraction equipment to processors, we believe wholeheartedly in doing right by our customers. We believe in always giving our customers equipment that is safe to use; equipment that does what it is supposed to do and does it for a long time. Processors should do the same for their customers.


If you are a processor or manufacturer, we encourage you to do right by the public. Give your customers what they pay for. Don’t cut corners, and don’t produce inaccurate labeling that prevents the public from knowing what they are getting when they use your CBD.


The entire reason NY and many other states are now looking at licensing and labeling requirements is a lack of integrity among some processors and manufacturers. If every player in the supply chain made a commitment to doing right by the public, maybe lawmakers wouldn’t be having these discussions.


It looks like NY may be headed toward licensing CBD extraction. Whether they choose to or not, we will continue designing and building high-quality extraction equipment to serve operators of all sizes. Feel free to browse our website for descriptions of all our extraction equipment options. If you are just getting into CBD extraction, don’t hesitate to call on us for high-quality equipment and industry expertise.