The Advantages of Custom-Made Mixing Tanks

Posted on May 8, 2023 by Cedarstone Industry Team

No brewery or chemical production site would be able to function without mixing tanks. They are an indispensable element of these industries. However, using regular tanks might not always be the best option – while they will be decent, they might not be suited directly to your company’s needs. Therefore, it is sometimes better to select personalized equipment. So, what are the benefits of custom stainless steel mixing tanks? You can learn that, by reading this article.

What are custom stainless steel mixing tanks?

Custom stainless steel mixing tanks are the vessels used for mixing. They are personalized, therefore it is possible to adjust their size and exterior look to your needs. Since they are made of stainless steel, they are much more durable and create better-tasting products than their regular counterparts.

Custom mixing tanks will fit into almost any spaces, since it is possible to adjust their size. Additionally, you may customize their look, so they are a great choice for the facilities where customers can see the whole mixing process.

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What are the benefits of using custom stainless steel mixing tanks?

Using custom stainless steel mixing tanks comes with many advantages. What we are going to present here, is purely a list of the most prominent benefits. However, you might find these vessels practical in many other aspects. So, what are the most important benefits of custom stainless steel mixing tanks?

  • They are durable – Since stainless steel is used, custom mixing vessels are extremely durable. They will last longer than regular mixing tanks and are resistant to corrosion.
  • They are easy to sanitize – Keeping custom stainless steel mixing tanks clean is much more simple. The materials that they are made of are susceptible to cleaning. Additionally, since they are customized, you might adjust them to improve CIP performance. This will let you save on maintenance costs and avoid any possible contamination of your products.
  • They will have the right size for your needs – As we have mentioned before, being able to customize your mixing tanks will let you decide on their size. It is essential when you do not have enough space in your facility, but also when your company does not have high production rates. A larger tank means a more difficult, highly expensive cleaning process, which might be quite cost-ineffective if you use only half of your tank’s capacity. However, with regular tanks, you need to stick to what is available. In case of custom mixing vessels, you will have the option to choose a smaller tank, thus reducing the costs while still keeping the same production rates.
  • They are easy to cool down – Sometimes you need to reduce the temperature in your mixing vessels. There are several ways to cool stainless steel mixing tanks. The choice of the method depends on you and the industry you are operating in. However, if you have a preferred strategy, you may customize your stainless steel mixing tanks to make the process simple. This means easier, cheaper and less time-consuming cooling.
  • They are versatile – There is no one, defined function for stainless still mixing tanks. They might be used for a variety of purposes. Therefore, there are much better if you want to switch from one area of your industry to another. For instance, they might be used both for mixing drinks and processing food. So if you observe that over one period the demand for your drinks is growing, you might use more vessels for mixing beverages. But when the demand returns to normal, you can swiftly switch some of them back to processing food. There is no set use, so your company will be much more flexible.

The takeaway

Custom stainless steel mixing tanks are the vessels used for putting several ingredients together – no matter whether they are foods, drinks, or chemicals. When ordering them, you might adjust their size and tailor them to your needs. They have numerous advantages: cleaning them is easy, they are durable and versatile, they might be tuned to your cooling method, and you can modify their capacity to your production needs. Therefore, custom stainless steel mixing vessels are a great choice for any food processing, brewing, cosmetic and chemical company.

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