Market Analysis Shows Bright Future for CBD Extraction Equipment

Posted on May 24, 2022 by Cedarstone Industry Team

A new market analysis recently featured on the Digital Journal website shows very good things for our industry. The report projects increased demand for CBD extraction equipment, based on a complementary demand for CBD in the personal care and cosmetics category.


In short, analysts are expecting more companies to either start new CBD extraction operations or expand existing ones to meet growing demand. That means one thing for us: higher demand for our state-of-the-art CBD extraction equipment. We are gearing up for a bright future here at CedarStoneIndustry.


What the Numbers Say


Fact MR is the company behind the market analysis in question. They currently value the CBD extraction market at approximately $45.5 million. They expect it to reach more than $152 million over the next decade. That amounts to a more than three-fold increase and an expected CAGR of close to 13%.


What is behind the increased demand for CBD? According to the analysis, CBD in pharmaceuticals continues to grow. But there appears to be an even greater demand in two key sectors that could prove important to us:


  • Personal Care & Cosmetics – CBD is fast becoming an attractive ingredient for products like moisturizers, body washes, and topical lotions.


  • Food & Beverages – CBD-infused foods and beverages are catching on around the country. This could be the next big thing in the organic foods market.


Being that we already have experience in designing and manufacturing equipment for the foodservice and personal care/cosmetics industries, we are in an advantageous position to meet the growing demand for CBD extraction equipment in both sectors.


Equipment Choices Matter


At this point, it is important to remind readers that equipment choices matter. CBD extraction is a highly involved process that doesn’t allow a lot of room for error. If you want to consistently extract high-quality CBD oil from different varieties of industrial hemp, you need to have equipment that is up to the task.


Our CBD extraction equipment is designed around the latest extraction technologies and best practices. Our selection of manufacturing materials, including stainless steel, meets or exceeds all industry standards for quality, hygiene, and safety. We do not cut any corners. You shouldn’t either.


We firmly believe that investing in the right equipment sets an operation up for profitable CBD extraction day after day, week after week, and year after year.


Whatever You Need


CedarStoneIndustry is here to provide whatever you need for CBD extraction. Whether you are starting a brand-new operation, expanding an existing one, or just looking to upgrade your current equipment, we can make it happen. Let us talk about your plans and come up with a strategic solution that will see them to completion.


Our inventory of extraction equipment includes everything you need for ethanol or CO2 extraction. You will find items relating to centrifuge extraction, winterization, decarboxylation, distillation, and solvent recovery. We also supply chromatography equipment and hemp dryers. If you need something you don’t see in our inventory, just ask.


CBD Demand Is Growing


It is apparent that the demand for CBD is growing among consumers. More Americans are embracing CBD for overall wellness and good health. Manufacturers are responding by adding CBD to cosmetics, personal care products, and even food and beverages. As demand grows, there will be more opportunities for companies specializing in CBD extraction.


We think the future of CBD extraction looks bright. Therefore, we are committed to remaining an industry leader while providing the latest and best CBD extraction equipment on the market. We invite you to put our knowledge, experience, and equipment to the test.