Cedarstone Industry: Big Things Are HERE

Posted on July 10, 2018 by xtxwebmaster

It’s pretty plain to see that Cedarstone is on the rise. With success comes changes, and we are bringing plenty of those to the playing field. The most obvious of these changes is the totally renovated website! We made sure to keep our navigation just the way you have always enjoyed it while upgrading every other aspect of your experience here with us. Right at your fingertips you can now find ever-more detailed information about our beautifully manufactured stainless steel tanks and vessels. You will also find a more user-friendly, simple shopping experience for your favorite 3A certified sanitary fittings with multiple payment options added.Additionally, we have slashed prices on our tanks. The affordable just became even more so with even more add-on options to customize your brew experience. You’ll find only top-tier components here, and you’ll find them at a bargain. Just take a peek and see for yourself!

Here at Cedarstone we happily keep the customer in mind. We strive to make everything as easy and effortless as possible so that, before you know it, you can be the new owner of a quality product.

So, welcome back! Feel free to reach out and let us know how WE can further assist YOU.