Why Conical Stainless Steel Fermenting Tanks Are the Standard

Posted on March 23, 2022 by Cedarstone Industry Team

We would love to think that we were the only company in our industry offering conical, stainless steel fermentation tanks. But we know this is not true because industry standards call for a certain type of tank design in order to maximize brewing capacity, minimize problems, and keep revenues flowing. It turns out that this is exactly why the best fermentation tanks are conical in shape and manufactured from stainless steel.


Stainless steel is the de facto standard in all things dealing with food and beverages. Go to any commercial kitchen and you will see more stainless steel than your eyes can behold. The same is true for most breweries. Over the years, brew masters have figured out that stainless steel is superior to plastic, copper, and other tank materials.


What We Love About Stainless Steel


Purchase fermentation tanks from CedarStone Industry and you are all but guaranteed to get stainless steel. Right off the top, stainless steel’s smooth, nonporous surface prevents algae and bacteria growth. Stainless steel is extremely easy to clean and sanitize. In addition, stainless steel:


  • holds up extremely well to high temperatures
  • can handle high pressure without any issue
  • does not lose its shape or form with pressure and temperature changes
  • withstands external contact with other equipment.


There simply is no better material than stainless steel for building fermentation tanks. Other companies sell cheaper plastic tanks, which is fine. We think both manufacturers and buyers should have the freedom to choose. But for our money, you cannot do any better than stainless steel.


Why Fermentation Tanks are Conical


Moving on to the conical shape our fermentation tanks are known for, people new to brewing beer ask us about it all the time. A conical shaped fermentation tank has a few advantages due to the shape itself and how gravity impacts it.


One of the first things we explain to newbies is that putting their brew through a secondary fermenting is the golden ticket to great tasting beer. Secondary fermenting allows you to do things you cannot accomplish with a single fermentation. But transferring a brew to a separate tank could ruin everything. Conical fermentation tanks are purposely designed to eliminate the need to transfer.


With a conical fermentation tank, you can achieve both primary and secondary fermentation in the same vessel. The conical shape of the tank encourages sediment and yeast to fall to the bottom. Both can be drained through a valve. That means no more siphoning before you start the secondary fermentation process.


One of the fringe benefits here is the ability to reuse yeast that still has some life left in it. Reusing yeast is more difficult when you are pulling your beer out of a primary fermentation tank and manually transferring it to another tank.


Tanks to Your Specifications


It should be clear that conical, stainless steel fermentation tanks are now the industry standard. Whether you are setting up a brand-new operation or looking to replace your current tanks, do not hesitate to give us a shout. We make fermentation tanks to customer specifications.


We can make happen whatever you need for your brewing operation. We manufacture all our stainless steel tanks in house. We also offer brewery consultation. If you need expert help setting up your tanks and getting your brew process up and running, we can help.


In the meantime, do some more research into conical fermentation tanks and how they aide the brewing process. When you are ready to buy, don’t settle for cheap plastic. Invest in stainless steel tanks. You will be glad you did.