Tips for Choosing the Ideal Extraction System

Posted on December 9, 2020 by xtxwebmaster

When creating, processing, or manufacturing anything, the right tools are essential. This is especially true for a science as precise as hemp oil processing. For this reason, the question of which equipment to choose is key for those taking steps into CBD oil production; for this reason, we’ve compiled these tips for choosing your ideal extraction systems.

Identify the Type of Extraction

When it comes to choosing ideal extraction systems, the biggest question you will need to ask your company is what type of extraction methods you intend to use. Each method will require very different equipment. The main methods include supercritical CO2 extraction, ethanol extraction, or hydrocarbon extraction. While all three methods have their benefits, ethanol extraction stands out for its smaller initial costs and higher production rates.

Consider Intended Use

When going to choose any type of equipment, the first question to answer is always, “What do I intend to use this for?” Consider whether you intend on extracting CBD for commercial or personal use, and from there, also consider how much CBD you intend on producing yearly. Different extraction systems are built to produce different sizes of batches at different rates. Before purchasing a system, be sure you ask about its yield.

Ease of Cleaning

As mentioned, CBD oil production is a precise science. Contamination of the batches is more likely to throw off your entire process. That means that keeping your systems clean is crucial. While keeping your extraction equipment sanitary is ultimately a manner of a facility maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule and utilizing the best practices for cleaning their equipment, you can make the process easier for your company by choosing stainless steel equipment that does not react to chemicals and is easy to clean.

Here at Cedarstone Industry, we specialize in stainless steel hemp oil processing equipment that will give your company exactly the tools it needs to produce high-quality CBD oil and other hemp-based products.