Stainless Steel Tanks: Taking Advantage of the Aesthetics

Posted on June 22, 2022 by xtxwebmaster

Stainless steel is arguably the best material for making all sorts of tanks. It is a material of choice for our brewing tanks, extraction tanks, brite tanks, etc. But beyond the structural and sanitary benefits that stainless steel offers, there are aesthetic benefits as well. A recently expanded Ohio brewery and tap room has figured this out.


Penguin City Brewing Co., in Youngstown, just moved into a new $4 million facility. No doubt they have plans to spend many years serving happy customers there. Pay a visit yourself and you will discover that the brewery’s stainless steel tanks play an important role in their tap room’s ambiance.


The tanks sit on top of an elevated area along with a range of other brewing equipment. Patrons in the tap room below can look up and see the tanks in their full glory. Due to the size of the tanks and their elevated position, they can clearly be seen throughout the tap room. No one’s view will be obstructed to any great degree.


Feeling Part of the Action


No doubt that the stainless steel tanks are more functional than anything else. They are part of the process of brewing great beer. But to customers, being able to see the tanks in action means something different. To be so close to them changes the atmosphere. It makes patrons feel like they are part of the action; like they have inside access to a local brewery.


You cannot visit a corporate brewery and throw down a few cold ones on the production floor. You can’t sit fifty feet from huge, stainless steel tanks and talk sports or politics with your friends. Patrons are excluded from corporate breweries for obvious reasons. But in the local brewpub setting, you get a more intimate experience.


That experience is worth sharing with others, which may be the most important part of the aesthetics at Penguin City Brewing Co. It is easy to imagine happy customers, so enthralled by the experience, telling their friends about it. It’s easy to imagine them saying, “You’ve got to come see this great new tap room I found.”


Function and Marketing Together


Whoever came up with Penguin City Brewing’s floor plan nailed it. Placing the production and serving areas side-by-side emphasizes the marketing appeal of letting customers see the production process live. Elevating the production area and making the stainless steel tanks so visible took things to the next level.


Those stainless steel tanks combine function and marketing together. The function is obvious. Beer is brewed, and possibly finished, in the tanks. But while they are doing their much-needed work, they are also inviting customers to come in and sit down for a while.


It is a lot like watching an experienced pizza maker do their thing. It’s like watching a candy maker create candied apples right before your eyes. There is a unique fascination that comes with seeing how production works. We don’t get to see it that often, so we tend to take advantage of the opportunities when they arise. Penguin City Brewing is capitalizing on our fascinations.


We Have Your Tanks


Whether you operate a large brewery or a more intimate local tap room, we have the stainless steel tanks you need for full production. All are made to the highest standards using only the best possible materials. You can trust our tanks for craftsmanship and durability. If they also add some aesthetic value to your operation, consider that a bonus. Aesthetics may play a role in how you market your business. Keep that in mind.