Electric Beer Brewhouse

Cedarstone Industry

We build steam, electric and direct fire brewhouse with 100% 304 Stainless steel per ASME stainless steel composition  All plate welding are inert gas protected TIG welding to ensure no leakage over life long usage. All pipe / tubing are joined together by automatic orbital welding.


Main Features of Electric Brewhouse

    • 100% TIG welding protected by shield gas to guarantee longevity
    • 2 Vessel(Mash stacked over HLT) or 3 Vessel(Mash/Lauter, Kettle/Whirlpool, HLT) Configuration.
    • UL certified heating element inside HLT and Kettle
    • American made sanitary pump, with specially designed seal for high temperature
    • HERMS(Heat Exchange Re-circulation Mash System) immersed in the Hot Liquor Tank to allow circulate wort from the mash through HERMS back into the mash to accurately maintain the mash temperature, and avoid wort scorching
    • PLC Auto Control System, with HMI visualized operation; Brewing recipe can be created, and edited anytime via HMI
    • Solenoid Valves, automatic temperature and time control during mashing and wort boiling
    • Frequency controlled Agitator/Raking Machine inside Mash/Lauter;
    • Completely sanitary Components and Piping
    • Sight Glass Flow Indicator to check and control wort speed and quality during lautering
    • Sanitary Diaphragm Valve positioned before & after sanitary pump to control lautering process
    • Optimum design of static water mixture and flow meter to control temperature and the flow of sparging Water
    • Compact frame module Including platform; Easy operation and space saving
    • Complete Pre-piping and Integrated central pump & plate heat exchange

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