Cedarstone Industry

The company has many years of practical experience In Automatic Control, thanks to years’ experience in relevant filed. We have many senior electrical design engineers, and software design engineers. We are capable of Control systems engineering, programmable control systems engineering, motion control systems engineering, remote operation control systems, all kinds of low-voltage control system. 

Especially in the fluid control system, we have many years of designing experience, and have developed a variety of non-standard equipment, and fluid control technology. We have in-depth expertise in a variety of field communications, with experience working with Siemens, AB, mainstream PLC, HMI, smart meters. Based on customer's requirements, the control systems, low voltage power distribution system, remote operations, media monitoring and other useful features can be developed accordingly.

Category: AB, Automation, HMI, PLC, Rockwell, Siemens

Type: Automation