Features of Single-Wall Mixing Tanks

Posted on November 13, 2020 by Paige Pesko

Processing food, beverages, and other products on an industrial scale requires close attention to detail. This extends to the materials used to mix the products. These tanks are not the kinds of mixing bowls you might find in a domestic kitchen. The features of single-wall mixing tanks equip them to craft high-quality products.

What Is a Single-Wall Mixing Tank?

As the name suggests, what distinguishes this type of mixing tank from others is its single exterior wall. This is different from jacketed mixing tanks, which have an additional wall to help with temperature regulation. Because single-wall mixing tanks are relatively simple, designers can personalize the tank with a variety of features to meet a company’s needs.

Features of Single-Wall Mixing Tanks


Although single-wall mixing tanks share the structural feature of having one wall, that does not mean that all single-wall mixing tanks have the same structure. Single-wall mixing tanks come in a variety of shapes, depending on their use. Some of the most common structural features include:

  • Cylindrical
  • Prism
  • Cone bottom
  • Dish bottom
  • Tilt bottom
  • Hinge lid
  • Top manway
  • Side-installed agitator

Variable Speed

When baking on a smaller or domestic scale, many mixers come equipped with the option to vary the speed of the mixers. This same component is available on many single-wall mixing tanks. There are various benefits to this, among them the ability to alter the speed depending on the thickness of the ingredients. You can also adjust based on how thoroughly the product needs to be mixed at a given stage of the cooking process. This also allows operators to start the mixing process slowly to prevent ingredients from splashing out, picking up speed later.

Vacuum Mixing Systems

Tanks equipped with vacuum mixing systems allow you to mix products in low-pressure environments. These environments have little to no air in them, preventing microbial growth, decomposition, and unwanted chemical reactions. This makes these types of tanks ideal for mixing food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products.

Whether you need mixing tanks made for beauty products or quality stainless steel brewing equipment, Cedarstone Industry is here to equip your business to meet your customers’ needs.