CBD Isolate: Its Uses and Benefits

Posted on April 27, 2021 by xtxwebmaster

CBD is a multifaceted tool used by different people for different reasons. And, as someone who makes their living selling it, it pays to understand the different types of products and why people use them. One of these product types is CBD isolate. Its uses and benefits make it truly unique among the collection of products of this type.

What Is CBD Isolate?

Most CBD products contain a mixture of compounds, including terpenes and trace amounts of the active compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). When creating isolate, makers completely strip these other compounds away using additional filtration processes, such as winterization and chromatography, leaving pure cannabidiol.

How CBD Isolate Is Used

Isolate can come in the form of ingestible oils or powders. For oils, taking a few drops under the tongue is the quickest way to absorb the isolate into the system. But since CBD isolate doesn’t have terpenes and, thus, doesn’t have flavor, one of the most common ways people take oil or powder is to mix it into a drink or food. You can also use them in vape pens.

The Benefits of CBD Isolate


Because CBD isolate does not contain other compounds, it is one of the more potent products available. This allows the user to use less of the product at a time while still achieving the desired effect. It also makes CBD isolate a good choice to increase the potency of other products by sprinkling the powder on top of it.


When a user takes CBD, their body doesn’t absorb all of it. They consume a percentage of it depending on the consumption method and type of CBD product, a statistic known as bioavailability. Because of the potency of CBD isolate, and how easily isolate powders dissolve into other substances, they’re known to have a significantly higher bioavailability than tinctures or edibles.

Avoids THC

But one of the most common uses and benefits of CBD isolate is the aspect that sets it apart from other products—the fact that it contains no THC. While the presence of THC has its own benefits, such as the entourage effect, some users are unwilling or unable to take products with THC. Isolate opens the door to these users so they can enjoy the benefits of CBD without THC.

CBD isolate is a worthy addition to any company’s line of products. Fortunately, Cedarstone Industry’s hemp oil processing equipment is capable of making a variety of products, including isolate.