3 Things to Look for in a Stainless-Steel Tank Manufacturer

Posted on February 15, 2022 by Cedarstone Industry Team

We are proud to say that CedarStone Industry is considered a leader in the stainless-steel tank manufacturing space. We take great pride in our ability to serve both big and small businesses by manufacturing high-quality tanks that meet or exceed all regulatory requirements and customer expectations.


Stainless steel tanks are as critical to your business as they are to ours. That being said, we know you have no intention of trusting your livelihood to a manufacturer incapable of doing the job right. We invite you to put us to the test. Let us prove that we can be your main supplier of fermentation tanks, brite tanks, and even CBD extraction vessels.


As you think on that, consider the following three things, all of which you should look for in a tank manufacturer:


1. UL and ASME Standard Compliant


Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) are the two main bodies that set the standards for our industry. In terms of the former, we are a UL- and 3A-certified manufacturer. That means we follow a set of standards governing everything from how control panels are designed to where they are located within a particular configuration.


In terms of ASME standards, they govern stainless steel tank design and fitting standards. We adhere to those standards with every stainless-steel tank we manufacture. It doesn’t matter that many of the tanks we build are custom models made to the unique specifications of a particular client. Whether it is a custom piece or something ‘off the shelf’, ASME standards are strictly adhered to.


2. Manufacturing Capacity


We have been in this business long enough to know that customers depend on us for timely delivery. Moreover, they expect timely delivery regardless of the size or scope of a particular project. We have to maintain a significant amount of manufacturing capacity to make that happen.


Your stainless-steel tank manufacturer should not be some garage-based outfit. It should not be a fly-by-night operation working out of a small shop at the edge of town. You need a manufacturer with the capacity and resources to push out large tanks on a regular schedule. We can do that at our 300,000-square-foot Houston facility.


3. Installation Capabilities


It is one thing to be able to manufacture a world-class stainless-steel tank. It is another matter to take that tank to the customer’s location and install it. If you have worked with other manufacturers in the past, have they also provided installation services? Installation is a normal part of what we offer.


Our skilled technicians bring unparalleled installation experience to the table. They know the best way to install each and every tank because they are intimately familiar with its design. They know what works and what does not. They also know how to guarantee that installation complies with local, state, and federal regulations.


More Than Just a Builder


What this boils down to is pretty basic: your stainless-steel tank manufacturer should not just be a general tank builder. Your manufacturer should bring high quality and craftsmanship to the table, supported by strict adherence to all regulatory and industry standards. Your manufacturer should also have the manufacturing capacity to meet your needs in a timely manner. And when necessary, installation should be included.


We understand that you have choices. We think that this is good. But we also invite you to put us to the test. If you need any type of stainless-steel tank for brewing, food service, or CBD extraction, let us show you what we can do.