3 Crucial Brewing Tools & Machinery

Posted on March 19, 2019 by xtxwebmaster

The US has no shortage of commercial breweries and craft-beer manufacturers. However, to ensure these establishments fulfill their purpose and produce high-quality products, they need to have high-quality equipment as well.

Are you in the brewing business? Make sure you have these tools and machines for your brewery.


While the term brewhouse is often used interchangeably with the word brewery, the former actually refers to the equipment required by a brewery. These are basically the vessels and components needed in the initial stage of brewing, such as the hot liquor tanks, lauter runs, holding and boiling kettles, mash mixers, and whirlpool.

Depending on the type of brewing system required for your brewery, this equipment is available in different combinations.

For instance, a 2-vessel brewing system would typically include a mash mixer or lauter tun alongside a boil kettle or a whirlpool. For a 3-vessel or 4-vessel system, there would be additional components.

These different elements of the brewhouse are used to create wort, which is the liquid extracted when malt and other grains are mashed together. This is then transferred to the kettle, where other ingredients are added to the liquid to produce a distinct flavor and aroma. As the wort subsides in the whirlpool, solid particles are filtered out from the mixture.

Fermentation and Brite Tanks

Two other items that are a must-have on your list of brewery equipment are the fermentation and brite tanks.

Fermentation tanks are where the actual alcohol production happens as yeast is added to the wort. Conical tanks are usually preferred as they allow the yeast to be captured easily for removal, once the fermentation process is complete. These are made from stainless steel and protect the brewed liquid from external influences and impurities.

Once the fermentation process is complete and the brewed alcohol has been prepared, it’s transferred to a secondary brite tank. Here, the alcohol is allowed to mature before finally being packaged. In the brite tank, the brewed liquid is clarified and carbonated. After this step, it’s ready for consumption and may be bottled, kegged, or served directly from the tank.

Kegs and Keg Washers

Irrespective of whether or not you wish to bottle your beverage, kegs are important storage equipment for breweries. They keep your product safe and secure before you serve or sell them, and even serve as excellent maturation sites.

To prevent your product from getting spoiled or having its taste ruined, you need to ensure you keep your kegs clean. Investing in keg washers is highly recommended to maintain the high quality of your beverage.

Just like you keep the rest of your brewery equipment neat and clean, maintain the cleanliness of your kegs is vital as well for quality maintenance and taste. Keg washers are also highly efficient and quicken your brewing process.

Don’t compromise on the quality of your products by choosing poor-quality tools and machinery! Always get your supplies from specialized brewing equipment manufacturers such as Cedarstone Industry for a smooth and safe brewing process.

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